Our Workshop

Ray Pad has two large production facilities focused on producing rubber and elastomer materials. We have a well-coordinated and experienced staff, working in an environment where the labor is divided between several lines of work to create an effective process of production. We work with experts who has 40+ years of experience in the rubber manufacturing and always keep our machinery and production methods up to date. Starting from the preparation of our compounds to the manufacturing, inspecting and packing, we work with discipline and a sense of responsibility.

Exclusive Products

Ray Pad is capable of producing special kinds of rubber pads and products according to special needs. We have the ability to produce items of different shapes, sizes and functions. We have breadth of knowledge on working with different rubber compounds such as EPDM, CR (Neoprene), NBR (Nitrile), NR (Natural Rubber), SBR and Silicone.

All we need is a technical drawing and material information, then we can send you our quotation for required quantity. Please contact info@railpad.com for these kind of inquiries.

Please contact us for your inquiries about rail pad, crane rail pad, cable canal protectors, cable canal belts and rubber stoppers.