Yeni Sayfa 1
 Crane Rail Pad
Yeni Sayfa 1

Ray Pad is an end - product made from synthetic elastomer and is used in heavy crane roads and between rail and supporting structure.
It is manufactured in various widths determined according to rail base dimensions and standard length of 12 m. However, it may be manufactured in different lengths and sizes due to special demands.

 Shore  75 ± 5
 Maximum Tensile Strength  12,7 N / mm²
 Elongation  255% (200% after aging)
 Working Temperature  -30˚ – +110 C˚
 Vibration Reduction  45% - 50%
 Noise Reduction (dbA)  12%
 Permanent Set  <5% (<20% after aging)
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  • It reduces noise and structural vibration.

  • It dampers irregular contact between rail and ground.

  • Ray Pad ensures superior adherence thanks to its grooved surface.

  • It is completely resistant againist water, oil, ozone, grease and fungal.

  • It spreads wheel load in a wide area and thereby decreases pressure which may occur on a single area.

  • Rubber bracket has been strengthened by means of steel reinforce contained in inner side. So its strength againist crushing and widening has been increased.

  • It has feature of a great degree of recovery.

  • It decreases maintenance works of crane road.

  • It protects crane mechanism, and makes life of carrier, axle and wheel longer.


Ray Pad provides pads in type and size which changes according to requirement.
First of all, rail pad in accordance with rail used should be selected. Ray Pad may be used in both interior and outer locations.
Upper surface supporting rail should be removed from oils and sharp, pointed, slipping, and wearing materials which may give damage to pad.
Pads should be laid down on supporting surface as a whole so that no gap exists between them and its grooved surface should be faced upwards.
Pads should be centralized according to bottom edges of rail and should be in such a way that their upper parts will be covered completely.



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