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Cable Canal Protector

Cable Canal Protector is an effective solution to protect the power cables in cable canals in ports and similar terminals. It is placed on steel or casting cable canals, so that the canals are totally covered by the product and protected against the damage caused by vehicle traffic.

Cable Canal Protector is a reinforced rubber product which has two layers of steel wire and one layer of court fabric inside. It is resistant to the traffic of all port vehicles which are used in normal port applications.

Cable Canal Protector prevents spillage of any material into cable canal and reduces the need for maintenance for the canals to the minimum.

Cable Canal Protector is designed to be rigid transversally and be flexible longitudinally. This feature is of a vital importance for the product to fulfill its duty successfully in the ports.

Cable Canal Protector is resistant to mechanical and abrasive effects, as well as weather conditions and environmental conditions generally seen in ports.



15 mm

300 mm

15 mm

400 mm

15 mm

500 mm

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600 mm


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